Service Excellence

Our experience of working with some of the world’s best providers of customer service has helped us understand the key components that would lead to business success:


Development Of “Service Standards” Or “Promises” To Customers:


Class-leading businesses first decide on their approach, whether to develop internal ‘Customer Service Standards’ for the attention of an internal audience, or to consider an externally promoted series of ‘Promises to Customers’.

From time to time clients ask us to help with an associated task – to help design and implement ‘Values’ for their business culture. These are inevitably linked into the ‘Customer Service Standards’ or ‘Promises to Customers’ that the client aspires towards.

These are best developed in harmony with a cross-section of employee representative, through staff consultation and customer research activities run by our specialised team.


Analysis And Recognition Of Service Gaps:


Some businesses choose to select specific ‘gaps’ to measure:

Gap 1: The difference between customer expectations and management perceptions of customer expectations

Gap 2: The difference between management perceptions of customer expectations and service quality specifications

Gap 3: The difference between customer service quality specifications and the customer service actually delivered

Gap 4: The difference between customer service delivery and what is communicated about the customer service to customers

Gap 5: The discrepancy between customers’ expectations of the service and their perceptions of the customer service performance

Our role is to help you find where the Gap is so you can seal it and optimise your revenues!

Our approaches may include:

Staff Consultation

  • Customer Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Management Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Quality Audits


Staff Engagement & Involvement:


If customer service standards are to be integrated into the business with any hope of buy-in from staff then they must be engaged in the process of development.

We guide and direct our clients to incorporate employees in the development process in various and inspiring ways.


Optimising Consistent Service Delivery Across The Business:


The challenge for many businesses is the inconsistencies of customer service delivery that occur within an organisation. Too often customer service quality can fluctuate between outlets, branches or offices, and this can create real challenges in maintaining a reputation for excellence.

By rolling out our high-impact customer service training programme “The Service that Matters”, supported by explicit Customer Service Standards, staff members get to understand the expectations of customers and senior managers.

If employees are unaware or unsure of what is expected of them, delivering to unknown expectations can be challenging!


Monitoring and Measuring Performance:


Where data is collected as part of a regular performance measurement programme, trend analysis becomes possible.

Where pockets of under-performance are highlighted individuals can be coached and redirected towards the standards of customer service expected by the business.

From time to time clients discover during data evaluation that a process or procedure is hampering service performance – this provides a great opportunity to improve your service to customers!

We help our clients to determine the key performance matrixes needed for their business and to establish a proper reporting system amongst a wide offered solutions and processes.


Coaching Managers And Staff Towards Service Excellence:


We have discovered that even the most prestigious brands are populated by managers who have opportunities to improve on their coaching skill.

Some cultures that evolve locally, regionally, or even organisationally, tend towards criticism and judgement. With our coaching model; we can convey our refined and super-effective coaching capability to even the most experienced managers.