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In common with many similar tools (including the IQ test), DISC first came to prominence in the military – it was widely used as part of the US army’s recruitment process during the years leading to the Second World War. Having proved its value, it gradually came to be used in a more general recruitment setting. DISC has finally become a cost-effective solution for everyone, and has grown to become probably the most widely used behavioural assessment tool in the world.

The profiles produced by the DISC profiling system have a very wide range of uses. Recruitment is undoubtedly the main area of application at present, but profiling techniques present possibilities going far beyond this that include cultural integration, redeployment, career development and addressing specific problems.

IMPORTANT: No decision affecting a person’s career should be taken solely on the basis of a behavioural assessment. There will always be other factors outside the scope of a DISC profile such as skills, training or experience that must be taken into account before reaching a final decision.

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What is DISC?

DISC assessment gives you the power to quickly and easily create and explore personality profiles for all your people.

There's a major advantage in having a clear understanding of the people around you, and personality profiling can give you that advantage. Whether you're hiring, leading, team building, dealing with sales – in fact, however you need to work with other people – having an objective and comprehensive insight into different personalities can give you a real edge.

DISC is one of the most widely used personality profile systems in the world today. It's easy to use, with quick and simple personality questionnaires, but its results can give you all the information you might need, looking in detail at topics that are directly relevant to you.

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There are lots of personality profiling solutions around, but the DISC approach has some real advantages: it's quick to use, simple to administrate, and it gives really powerful and useful results. DISC has been in development for decades, and is now one of the best established profiling tools around, and there's plenty of research showing how effective it can be. What's more, DISC can be amazingly cost-effective, at a price point that makes it possible to create profiles whenever you need them.

What Does DISC Stand For?

A DISC profile is created from the answers to a simple and straightforward questionnaire. Those answers are interpreted to measure four core personality factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, whose initials give DISC its name. It's from assessing the combinations of those four personality factors that DISC can give you real insights into a personality.

That's just a simple overview of the DISC profiling process. If you want to find out more, visit our How DISC Works page, where you'll find plenty more detailed information.

Psychometric Assessment

Basic Assessment, Enhanced Assessment

Generated Reports

Our reports will include detailed information about candidate’s assessment:

Job Matching
Behaviour Adaptation
Communication Style
Decision Making
Orgnisation & Planning
Managing Style
Sales Style
Service Style
Technical Style
Career Directions
Ambition & Development