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In common with many similar tools (including the IQ test), DISC first came to prominence in the military – it was widely used as part of the US army’s recruitment process during the years leading to the Second World War. Having proved its value, it gradually came to be used in a more general recruitment setting. DISC has finally become a cost-effective solution for everyone, and has grown to become probably the most widely used behavioural assessment tool in the world.

The profiles produced by the DISC profiling system have a very wide range of uses. Recruitment is undoubtedly the main area of application at present, but profiling techniques present possibilities going far beyond this that include cultural integration, redeployment, career development and addressing specific problems.

IMPORTANT: No decision affecting a person’s career should be taken solely on the basis of a behavioural assessment. There will always be other factors outside the scope of a DISC profile such as skills, training or experience that must be taken into account before reaching a final decision.

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