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Join this version of Rami Al Karmi’s masterclass series for a fun and friendly AI for Non-Techies ONLINE MASTERCLASS that dives into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a way that anyone can understand! This isn’t a stuffy tech talk—it’s a lively and interactive experience that will make the cool concepts of AI crystal clear, even if you’ve never heard of AI before. Plus, we’ll shine a spotlight on how to spice up your chatGPT skills, a fun tool you can play with!

Why You Should Attend?


  1. Make Friends with AI: Get to know AI in a fun, easy-going way, and see how it can be a cool buddy in your everyday life.
  2. ChatGPT Spotlight: Dive into some fun with chatGPT plus some tips and tricks to supercharge your experience
  3. No Tech Talk: Don’t worry, there’s no tech jargon here. Just simple, friendly chat about AI.
  4. Networking Fun: Meet other cool folks who are just as curious as you are about AI.
  5. Get Ahead with a Fresh Mindset: This class is all about shaking things up in your head, moving from the old-school way of doing things to a cool, forward-thinking vibe.
  6. Hands-on AI Fun: Get your hands dirty with AI, discovering its wow factor without needing to be a tech whiz. practical tech fun without the techy headache.
  7. Real “Been there” Talk: Learn directly from been there, done that, and rocked AI real practical experience.
  8. Take Home Instant Game-Changers: You’ll walk away with nifty strategies that you can roll with right away.


What you’ll take away? By the end of this masterclass


  • A new pal in AI: Understand what AI is (and what it isn’t!) in a fun and friendly way.
  • ChatGPT Charm: Get some tips on how to make your chats zesty with chatGPT.
  • Spot the “!”: Understand the potential pitfalls and ethical matters with AI, helping you make smarter choices when diving into the tech world.
  • Spice Up Your communications: Discover how AI can jazz up your communication and visuals, making you and your message pop in the crowd.
  • New Friends: Connect with others who share your curiosity, and have a blast learning together!

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