Train the Trainer Programmes

Group – Train the Trainer

3 Days

  • Analyse training activities and write objectives
  • Plan accurate training sessions with support materials that reflect real industry practice
  • Carry out group training sessions at a pace and level that maximises learning
  • Encourage participation and control group dynamics
  • Develop skills in training analysis

On Job Skills – Train the Trainer

2.5 Days

  • Identify the steps involved in any task and set acceptable standards to your business
  • Design and deliver on job skills training sessions to meet these standards
  • Test understanding to guarantee it is carried out correctly every time when the training is completed.
  • Gain the skills to make sure your trainee is motivated in the learning process and the investment you put in gets.

Service Excellence 


The Service That Matters! Customer Service Programme

2 Days

  • Explain why good customer service is important
  • Explain what really matters to the customer and to our business about the service
  • Explain how attitude and behaviours have an impact on customer satisfaction and on our business results
  • Identify key customer service standards and describe how to take ownership to consistently implement these standards
  • Explain how to retain customers and the importance of delighting them
  • Identify and explain the differences between good and great customer service
  • Explain the role of team members in providing great customer service
  • Demonstrate innovative service skills to generate increased revenue
  • Describe how to provide great customer service whilst promoting your company and its products and services
  • Explain and demonstrate positive techniques for dealing with awkward or demanding customers

Leadership & Management


Leadership in Practice –
Motivation in Motion

2 Days

  • Define Motivation and the impact on peoples’ performance
  • Explain the importance of one to one communication to improve working relationships
  • Examine the meaning of Living the team spirit
  • Practice the effect of your decision on staff performance
  • Explain the difference between Conventional Leader and Lateral Leader
  • Demonstrate ability to give and receive feedback

The TAO of Couching

2 Days

  • Nurture an environment where coaching can flourish
  • Develop a team of people who relish working with you
  • Enhance the effectiveness of others through learning
  • Create more time for yourself through efficient delegation.

Supervisory Skills

2 Days

  • Lead your team
  • Communicate with different members of your team
  • Deal with problems and conflict assertively and with compassion
  • Develop motivation within individuals and your team
  • Create objectives for future actions

Creating Positive Environment – Recognition & Empowerment

1 Day

  • Define the meaning of recognition
  • Explain why Recognition & Empowerment are important
  • Describe how and when to regnonise an employee
  • Define the meaning of empowerment
  • State the levels of empowerment
  • Setting expectation to increase empowerment

Communication & Influencing

1  Day

  • Use effective methods of communication.
  • Use active listening and questioning skills.
  • Give and receive feedback and understand its value to yourself and others.
  • Distinguish between aggressive, assertive and passive approaches and their implications to others.
  • Use techniques to increase your power base.

Time Management & Delegation

1 Day

  • Recognize your own ‘time robbers’ and manage them effectively.
  • Organize and prioritize your activities.
  • Improve and manage working relationships.
  • Use delegation to achieve work targets.

Human Resources


Career Path & Succession Planning

2 Days

  • State the difference between career path and succession planning, and Explain why it is important
  • Explain how to identify Hi-Potentials and why it is important to identify key positions
  • Demonstrate the process of career path
  • Run a development dialogue for high potentials in various scenarios
  • Describe the Process of Succession Planning & the different approaches
  • Set an action plan of how implement the concept in real life.

Effective Interviewing & Selection

1  Day

  • Describe how to follow a systematic approach to the recruitment and selection process and operate within the legal framework of our country
  • Explain how to handle and screen applications;
  • Conduct a structured and reliable interview that will help in the short listing and lead to successful selection
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective listening skills and question techniques

Performance Appraisal

1  Days

  • Define the meaning of performance appraisal
  • Explain the value it can add to the individual, Department and the organisation
  • Demonstrate to conduct a performance appraisal in a structured and professional manner.
  •  Evaluate the outcome of performance appraisal and act on it

Staff Retention 

1  Day

  • Examine recent trends in job tenure and turnover
  • Outline the impact of staff turnover on organizations
  • List types of staff turnover, and explore the most common reasons for it
  • State the 6 ways to support staff retention

Reward Management

1  Day

  • State the definition of Reward management
  • Explain why employers are considering Total Reward
  • Describe the Components of Reward Management
  • Clarify the various approaches

Designing HRM to fit Organisational Goals

1  Day

  • Contribute to the choice of appropriate HR policies that can lead to enhanced organizational and individual performance
  • Recognise and overcome barriers to the effective implementation of HR strategies.