Train the Trainer Programmes

Group – Train the Trainer

3 Days

  • Analyse training activities and write objectives
  • Plan accurate training sessions with support materials that reflect real industry practice
  • Carry out group training sessions at a pace and level that maximises learning
  • Encourage participation and control group dynamics
  • Develop skills in training analysis

On Job Skills – Train the Trainer

2.5 Days

  • Identify the steps involved in any task and set acceptable standards to your business
  • Design and deliver on job skills training sessions to meet these standards
  • Test understanding to guarantee it is carried out correctly every time when the training is completed.
  • Gain the skills to make sure your trainee is motivated in the learning process and the investment you put in gets.

Service Excellence 


The Service That Matters! Customer Service Programme

2 Days

  • Explain why good customer service is important
  • Explain what really matters to the customer and to our business about the service
  • Explain how attitude and behaviours have an impact on customer satisfaction and on our business results
  • Identify key customer service standards and describe how to take ownership to consistently implement these standards
  • Explain how to retain customers and the importance of delighting them
  • Identify and explain the differences between good and great customer service
  • Explain the role of team members in providing great customer service
  • Demonstrate innovative service skills to generate increased revenue
  • Describe how to provide great customer service whilst promoting your company and its products and services
  • Explain and demonstrate positive techniques for dealing with awkward or demanding customers

Leadership & Management


Leadership in Practice –
Motivation in Motion

2 Days

  • Define Motivation and the impact on peoples’ performance
  • Explain the importance of one to one communication to improve working relationships
  • Examine the meaning of Living the team spirit
  • Practice the effect of your decision on staff performance
  • Explain the difference between Conventional Leader and Lateral Leader
  • Demonstrate ability to give and receive feedback

The TAO of Coaching

2 Days

  • Nurture an environment where coaching can flourish
  • Develop a team of people who relish working with you
  • Enhance the effectiveness of others through learning
  • Create more time for yourself through efficient delegation.

Supervisory Skills

2 Days

  • Lead your team
  • Communicate with different members of your team
  • Deal with problems and conflict assertively and with compassion
  • Develop motivation within individuals and your team
  • Create objectives for future actions

Creating Positive Environment – Recognition & Empowerment

1 Day

  • Define the meaning of recognition
  • Explain why Recognition & Empowerment are important
  • Describe how and when to regnonise an employee
  • Define the meaning of empowerment
  • State the levels of empowerment
  • Setting expectation to increase empowerment

Communication & Influencing

1  Day

  • Use effective methods of communication.
  • Use active listening and questioning skills.
  • Give and receive feedback and understand its value to yourself and others.
  • Distinguish between aggressive, assertive and passive approaches and their implications to others.
  • Use techniques to increase your power base.

Time Management & Delegation

1 Day

  • Recognize your own ‘time robbers’ and manage them effectively.
  • Organize and prioritize your activities.
  • Improve and manage working relationships.
  • Use delegation to achieve work targets.

Human Resources


Career Path & Succession Planning

2 Days

  • State the difference between career path and succession planning, and Explain why it is important
  • Explain how to identify Hi-Potentials and why it is important to identify key positions
  • Demonstrate the process of career path
  • Run a development dialogue for high potentials in various scenarios
  • Describe the Process of Succession Planning & the different approaches
  • Set an action plan of how implement the concept in real life.

Effective Interviewing & Selection

1  Day

  • Describe how to follow a systematic approach to the recruitment and selection process and operate within the legal framework of our country
  • Explain how to handle and screen applications;
  • Conduct a structured and reliable interview that will help in the short listing and lead to successful selection
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective listening skills and question techniques

Performance Appraisal

1  Days

  • Define the meaning of performance appraisal
  • Explain the value it can add to the individual, Department and the organisation
  • Demonstrate to conduct a performance appraisal in a structured and professional manner.
  •  Evaluate the outcome of performance appraisal and act on it

Staff Retention 

1  Day

  • Examine recent trends in job tenure and turnover
  • Outline the impact of staff turnover on organizations
  • List types of staff turnover, and explore the most common reasons for it
  • State the 6 ways to support staff retention

Reward Management

1  Day

  • State the definition of Reward management
  • Explain why employers are considering Total Reward
  • Describe the Components of Reward Management
  • Clarify the various approaches

Designing HRM to fit Organisational Goals

1  Day

  • Contribute to the choice of appropriate HR policies that can lead to enhanced organizational and individual performance
  • Recognise and overcome barriers to the effective implementation of HR strategies.

AI Programme

Artificial Intelligence – Online Courses

~ ~

Do you want to learn about AI but don’t know where to start? Is AI important but you don’t think you have time to learn about it?
We have partnered with Sonder Scheme to offer you a continuous AI training course that provides you with everything you need to know to be an AI business leader, to develop human-centered AI and to govern AI in the workplace. This is the best and most time efficient way to gain the knowledge you need to lead your organization in the age of AI.
Start with our online course including instructional videos and a downloadable toolkit with exercises for you and your team. Continue to learn from new content added every month to keep you at the frontier of AI leadership. And enjoy exclusive access to our members-only discussion community.

Women in Leadership

Unlocking women’s potential to enhance organisational Effectiveness 

~ ~

We Need Women at All Levels To Lead The Change In All Organisations In Qatar.

According to the study Power Women in Arabia: Shaping the Path for Regional Gender Parity, Qatar has the highest percentage of women in the workforce out of all the Gulf states, however, despite the increased representation across all sectors in Qatar, women still face particular challenges when aspiring leadership roles in their organisations. A total of 51 percent of women in Qatar were found to be working, compared to less than 30 percent in Gulf States the study found.


Yet better female representation in the workforce doesn’t necessarily mean that society, or employers, have accepted the new phenomenon of working women or granted them equal opportunity to break the glass-ceiling and assume leadership positions.

Unleashing The Power of Women 

Supporting the ability of women to succeed and advance economically leads to healthy and productive culture, growing businesses and the well-being of communities, and despite the progress in promoting increased investments in gender equality, women still face significant barriers to achieving their full potential. 


The Programme builds on research that identifies the key factors that have proved vital to successful women leaders. It aims to empower women in business environment and help them to develop both their inner confidence to realise their career potential and the practical skills required to lead themselves and others effectively.


This programme will be launched to respond to the new challenges that face women in the mid-level and professional ranks in Qatari organisations. The programme will be focusing on variety of leadership development training modules & activities to build their capacities as successful and empowered leaders. 


EDU Tour ( USA)

Join Us For Our Learning Tour In The USA

Our Learning Journey Discovering The Highlights of Chicago City!

Management Development Program

The Secret To Becoming Management Material


We are driven towards the idea of creating an interactive environment for our participants to acquire knowledge and gain valuable practical experience at every instance of their quest to learn. We believe in providing real-time learning experience incorporated with exposure to current USA business environment and culture and understanding the business standards and values from a new perspective and experiences.

We will take you for Seven Days intensive yet enjoyable learning experience. Two days in Qatar and five days will be in Chicago City, Il, USA.

Why Chicago City! In many ways, Chicago has everything you could want from a great international city – world-class museums, a vibrant art scene, multicultural neighborhoods, and a history of contributing to art, culture, and technology on a global scale.


This program will be the first step on the road to succeed as a leader.   Now is the time for big-picture thinking and sharing your vision with your team. Learn who you are as a leader, how the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold is automatically transmitted to the group you are responsible for through your words, behaviors, and actions.


Looking for a fresh perspective on leadership?


The Management Development Program will not only strengthen your leadership practice, it will also provide opportunities for self-discovery of the strengths and weaknesses of your personal leadership style.


Breakfast, Lunch and coffee breaks are included.

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