We value positivity, ethics, Integrity and openness.

Service is what you do to someone, hospitality is how you make someone feel.

Our Vision


Our company is specialized in supporting the HR & Training function within the hospitality, leisure and telecommunication industry to increase the productivity of your workforce in an easy and solid manner.

As part of our regional tenure, we traveled extensively within Europe, Middle East and Africa which gave us a diversified and wide-spread knowledge and experience about different cultures and business needs; especially in the GCC countries where staff resourcing, localization schemes, career paths & succession planning, training and development require superlative focus and thorough integration as part of any staff performance management.

We are highly experienced & business orientated HR professionals within the Middle East markets; with hands-on expertise in hotel’s pre-openings and takeovers in (UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Turkey, South Africa ), and have a proven record of driving positive change, service excellence & profit improvement initiatives.

Our role is to provide a cutting edge consultancy and unparalleled training services to our clients involved in people management and development in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and telecommunication.

Our services include ability to set up HR Business Strategy, Coaching, Human Resources Practices, Training and People Development, Career Path & Talent Management, Customer Service, and Operational Performance Efficiency, with a proven ability to positively influence at both strategic & operational levels, with an exposure to a multitude of international, regional & local working environments in the hospitality industry.

We pride ourselves in being committed in delivering a personalized service and value. And we guarantee results that are visible & impact the “bottom line”.

Special Offers

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